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« I really come from far away, MONA CHARLES tells us, but the fact remains that I had big dreams, and music was one of them. Therefore, music has made it possible to heal my wounded soul, to give a better meaning to my life, and my greatest wish is that it brings the greatest well-being to others. »

Born in Haiti, emigrated at eight years old to Quebec, everything in life, without a doubt, has contributed to nourishing her repertoire. But it would be better to go back to her early childhood at difficult times, when she chose to tan herself in the sun, to avenge herself, in her own way, for the inevitable and harmless punishments of her mother. And there, she wept or howled her grief, and sang it sometimes, with the energy of a little tigress, thus preparing, in spite of herself, a glorious future. Undoubtedly, therefore, the song had always been part of her guts, because every little disappointment of childhood became for her the perfect opportunity to indulge in a melody that never ended. Then one day she was told that she was a born artist and that she would be allowed to give dance and song lessons. The prophetic oracle apologized, of course, but took her by the hand that day and forced her to sit in a recording studio. That's it ! And the very first opus came out:« VIN KOTEM » [Come to me]. After which, a sea of people began, as if by magic, to approach Her. From then on, the melodious and quivering lark would regularly beat the rhythm on all the rooftops.

Tell the truth that the songs of this singer-songwriter, a mixture of gospel, soul, blues and afro beat, are clearly imbued with her daily or intimate experience! As proof, her new single, aptly titled COURAGE, reaches out, ready to embrace affectionately all souls in distress, to finally bestow upon them that wind of optimism necessary to cling once and for all to the beautiful and amazing things in life. Open up then and without delay to her new song COURAGE… and you will know it !

That said, a little before waking up, very early in the morning, open gently, as it should be, doors and windows, and if by luck you hear the melody of a song ready to lull approach, you will know then that this "powerful voice, copper-colored, warm, but above all honeyed" only precedes the lark, like the masters to think who served her as models, including Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Cece Winans, Edith Lefel, India Arie, Tina Turner, Émeline and the Kassav group.




October 2021


Vinn Kote'm

Vinn Kote'm

November 2015


Mona Charles - Fais-moi ta toune (2014-2015)

Fais-moi ta toune

November 2014


Vinn Kote'm


November 2014


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